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Mlýn Herlíkovice

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Mlýn Herlíkovice Apartments

A unique combination of luxurious accommodation and an attractive location for sports and mountain nature walks.

This and much more is offered by a generous project of a four-story new building, which provides a total of 30 apartments ranging from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom.

Last available apartments

Mlýn Herlíkovice Apartments
December 2023

The grand opening of the Mlýn Herlíkovice Apartments was a resounding success. Check out the photos.

November 2023

The Apartmány Mlýn Herlíkovice project, just a year and a half after the demolition of the original unsuitable buildings began, received an...

September 2023

Everything is complete. The building is awaiting final inspection and its co-owners are ready to move in.

June 2023

Trees and shrubs have been planted around the building. A lawn has also been established.

Spoluvlastnický podíl

Co-ownership share

The acquisition of the apartment is also possible in the form of co-ownership or partnership in the project itself. Co-ownership effectively reduces the cost of investing in your apartment. This is done by dividing it among several investors, users. The owners of the apartment use the unit according to the amount of their co-ownership share. Vacant terms will be sublet by the apartment operator. Thus, the apartment will bring you joy and benefit even when you are not occupying it. For more information, please contact us.

Do you have a large family and the purchase of a large apartment in the mountains is beyond your financial means? Try a form of co-ownership. For example, you can make arrangements with your friends. A large apartment for a family would then cost you, for example, a third in the case of 3 co-owners.

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